Distributed Systems

April 21 | Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune

Have You Heard Of The Byzantine Problem?

It's the classic scenario where the fate of a complete Army depends on the agreement between the Generals. Every General commands a batallion of troops, and their only options are retreat or attack. As long as all the Generals (or the majority) agree to one strategy, there's hope. To make matters worse, there are some Traitors present who would cast their vote selectively - agree with both the groups selectively.

Or That Most of The Big Data Systems Never Make It To Production?

Observability is the capability to monitor, analyse and proactively respond to events that occur at runtime in big data systems. Another factor that plays a major role is ‘Operability’ - does the organisation have the ability to operate the big data product. Operability is often termed as the Graveyard of Big Data projects!

Blockchain and cryptocurreny are also based on Distributed Systems. Blockchain rather exemplifies a disritbuted computing system with high Byzantine Fault Tolerance!

DSConf 2018 is conference dedicated to such problems! We have eminent academicians who’ve spent years researching such problems sharing their thoughts and approach with you. We also have distinguised engineers who’ve built some really large scale distributed systems talking about practical aspects of distributed systems. The talks are curated in a way to stimulate deep thinking as well has a practical approach to distributed systems.

If you like geeking out on mathematical problems or building technology for the future, this conference is a must attend!


Dr. Sriram Srinivasan

Dr. Srinivasan is a systems and programming languages geek with 30+ years of experience, from embedded devices to large-scale distributed systems and frameworks. He was one of the principal designers and implementors of the Weblogic application server. He has a PhD from the Univ. of Cambridge and teaches Distributed Systems at IIT Bombay.

Talk: The Many Flavours Of Consensus

Dr Sandeep Deshmukh

Dr. Deshmukh completed his PhD from IIT Bombay and has been working in Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem for 7+ years. He has executed complex projects in different domains in a distributed computing environment. He loves teaching and interacting with people and has conducted numerous workshops on Hadoop and Apache Apex. Currently Sandeep is a Trainer and Consultant for Big Data, Hadoop and Apache Apex.

Talk: Implementing Exactly Once Delivery in Stream Data

Tushar Gosavi

Tushar is Engineer @ Datatorrent and PMC member for Apache Apex project. He completed his M.Tech (CSE) from IIT Bombay, and after writting kernel drivers for 5 years, he moved to Big Data/Hadoop echosystem. He has helped customers in moving their Batch jobs to Distributed Streaming application. He loves exploring new technologies from web-development to kernel programing in his free time. Currently Tushar is working on solving problems in stream processing using Apache Apex.

Talk: Implementing Exactly Once Delivery in Stream Data

Sriram Ramachandrasekaran

Sriram is a Principal Engineer @ Indix. Apart from writing code to foot his bills, he does it to get some adrenaline going, when he is not riding his bike on unchartered terrains. He is co-author of Suuchi project along with his fellow engineer Ashwanth kumar. Currently, he works on problems involving ML at Indix.

Talk: Why we built a distributed system

Ashwanth Kumar

Ashwanth is a Principal Software Engineer @indix. While he's not fiddling with distributed Systems and data, he contributes to Open Source and helps organise meetups and tech events in the City. He writes Scala at work and Go at home.

Talk: Why we built a distributed system


(9 am to 5.30 pm)

Time Session Description
9.00 Registration
9.30 am The Many Flavours Of Consensus
- Dr. Sriram Srinivasan
Consensus is the act of agreement amongst distributed participants. This talk will try to make sense of the wide variety of problems and solutions that are lumped under the consensus label: two-phase commit, byzantine agreement, paxos/raft, bitcoin and so on.
10.30 am Tea Break
11 am Implementing Exactly Once Delivery in Stream Data
- Dr. Sandeep Deshmukh
- Tushar Gosavi
Apache Apex which is a streaming data platform, implements Chandy Lamport algorithm (http://lamport.azurewebsites.net/pubs/chandy.pdf) for checkpointing of the application. The talk will take you through how the algorithm is implemented in Apex for maintaining internal consistent state. And how transaction and replay could be used to interact with external system to achieve end to end exactly once.
12 noon Lunch
1 pm Why we built a distributed system
- Sriram Ramachandrasekaran
- Ashwanth Kumar
At Indix, we have a bunch of services that need to operate on top of large volume of product data. We started out with using open source distributed systems (like Hadoop, HBase, Solr, Spark, etc) to build some of our solutions. Along the way, we’ve also had problems where existing solutions wouldn’t really work for our requirements and operational cost associated with them started to shoot up. This pushed us to build a couple of “simple” distributed systems. With this context, we started out building Suuchi⁰, a toolkit for building distributed data systems.
2.15 pm Lightning Talks - Present A Lightning Talk
3 pm High Tea
3.45 pm Eventual Consistency and Microservices
- Shripad Agashe
- Aditya Godbole
Unconference style - hands on, informal presentation on Microservices and Consistency. Discussions and QnA is highly encouraged.
4.15 pm Blockchain Implementation With Real World Examples
- Nishant Modak
- Chinmay Naik
Unconference style - hands on, informal presentation on Blockchain with real world examples! Discussions and QnA is highly encouraged.


Who's running Distributed Systems Conference and why?

Distributed Systems Pune Meetup is organising DSConf 2018. We want to help grow & highlight all the work in the areas of Distributed Systems.

I can't attend, will the videos be available later?

Yes, all the videos will be are publicly available on YouTube. They can also be viewed below.

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